1st round of sprint Vdev championship : Barcelona

8 04 2008

SR3 :

Sylvain received his new SR3 2008 with which we will do the full Sprint vdev championship.

Race 1 : Sylvain Guanzini lost a lot of time after a bump with a Funyo. He finished 32 out of 40

Race 2 : Swerve of Sylvain with three others cars due to a poil of oil. He finished 32 out of 40

Race 3 :Good race of Sylvain, he was 38 on the starting grid and finished 22 out of 40.

SR5 :

The car was driven by Pierre Renom who was discovering the car. He achieved really good performances for a first try :

Races 1 and 2 : At each tim 9 out of 40. Very good results.

Race 3: Following to the bump in Radical European Masters, the car was hard to drive (vibrations). The pilot prefered to give up after several laps.

Click here to see the pictures (Radical European Masters and Vdev)

Barcelona : Radical European Masters

8 04 2008

SR5 :

In addition to Vdev sprints, we have also participated at Radical European Masters Cup with our SR5.

Race 1 : Denis Authier and Pierre Renom were achieving a good performance until they met an engine superheating. The pilot, very conscientious, avoiding the engine to be broken. Actually, it was due to the radiators which where blocked by gum.

Race 2 : withdrawal. The driver had a crash with others cars damaging too seriously the car.

SR3 :

We also engaged our SR3 to make free practice during the first race. We wanted to make a check of he car after the problems let in Jarama 3 weeks before. It was conclusive, the car went as fast as our SR5.

Click here to see the pictures (Radical European Masters and Vdev)

1st round of endurance Vdev championship : Jarama

17 03 2008

Here are the pictures of our week end in Spain. Very good weather and atmosphere but the car did not run as it should have. We had electrical problems during the week end due to the gazoline used : Sunoco 102 octane. It is pity since the car showed good performances. Fortunately, the problem will be fixed for the next race.

SR3 2008 for Vdev Season

13 03 2008

Here are some pictures of our SR3 2008 with sponsor’s logos which will be driven by Gourmelon-Giavedoni for the first time in Jarama. Click to see more pictures

Arrival of our cars for 2008 season

23 02 2008

We have just received our new cars for the 2008 season :

- Radical SR3 2008 version, which will be engaged in Vdev Championship

- Radical SR5 2008 version, which is still to rent for Radical European Masters. New bodywork to watch!

For more information and some pictures, go to Vehicules section.

Best Wishes

25 12 2007

Domec-Racing and its whole team wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year.

We would like to thank all the people who helped us in 2007, especially our drivers whithout who i would not be possible.

See you in 2008…