3rd round of endurance Vdev championship : 3h of Dijon

13 07 2008

A weekend to forget ! We were engaging the 3 cars of the team

SR3 - Gourmelon & Tissandier

Engine broken during the free practice.

SR3 -Le Calvez & Guanzini

Despite  superheating problems during the qualifying, they achieved a good race and they finished at the 28 th rank thanks to their regularity.

SR5 - Greensall & Damoiseaux

Qualified 18th, Nigel Greensall made a good relay without any problems in rainy weather. He reached the 9th place during the race. Michael Damoiseaux was less lucky and went out of the track. Despite a damaged car, Michael , after some reparations, could finished the race at 27th rank

3-days Trackday in Spa-Francorchamps

17 05 2008

Unusual Trackday : Nigel Greensall rented a Radical for three days in order to give coaching. The first day, they drove a SR3 1300 (see pictures in the galery). Next two days, they drove a SR5, faster. They realized fast laps :2m28 in trackday!

Video’s page online!

15 05 2008

We have just launched a video page on our website. In that section, you can already watch two video’s of races in Radical European Masters. Additional video ’s will be added in the future, in particular in Vdev.

3rd round of Radical European Masters : Spa-Francorchamps

12 05 2008

More than 40 Radical were in Spa during this week-end “at home”. The driver, Michael Damoiseaux, was competing in motorsports for his first time. Improving his best laps all along the weekend, he reached in both races the 22nd place. Actually, in the first race, he finished 3rd of SR5 category. A wonderful weekend, a very good atmosphere ! It does no harm just this once : full pictures report ! Full results : here

2nd round of endurance Vdev championship : 3h of Val de Vienne

7 05 2008

Two crews were engaged last weekend for the second round of the championship on two SR3.

The first car, driven by Sylvain Guanzini and Yann le Calvez finished the race a the 19th place after a race without any problems. It was a busy weekend for them : they finished at the 4th place in endurance VHC the day before on their Elva.

The second car, driven by Eric Gourmelon and Alain Giavedoni, was less lucky: they gave up due to gearbox, broken.

Next Race : this weekend in Radical european Masters in Spa-Francorchamps where we will engage our SR5.

2nd round of Radical European Masters : Monza

30 04 2008

First win of the season ! Our crew, Nigel Greensall and Massimo Vignali, won their class (SR5). During the qualifying, they made the fifth best time behing four SR8, one second faster than the sixth best time ! In the first race, they finished at the fourth place, second of their class. In the second race, they also finished fourth but first of their class. We hope this success will not be the only one of the season. Sr5 on a so fast track (Best time at an average speed of 180kph!) showed its superiority over SR3. Complete results