3rd round of endurance Vdev championship : 3h of Dijon

13 07 2008

A weekend to forget ! We were engaging the 3 cars of the team

SR3 - Gourmelon & Tissandier

Engine broken during the free practice.

SR3 -Le Calvez & Guanzini

Despite  superheating problems during the qualifying, they achieved a good race and they finished at the 28 th rank thanks to their regularity.

SR5 - Greensall & Damoiseaux

Qualified 18th, Nigel Greensall made a good relay without any problems in rainy weather. He reached the 9th place during the race. Michael Damoiseaux was less lucky and went out of the track. Despite a damaged car, Michael , after some reparations, could finished the race at 27th rank