1st round of sprint Vdev championship : Barcelona

8 04 2008

SR3 :

Sylvain received his new SR3 2008 with which we will do the full Sprint vdev championship.

Race 1 : Sylvain Guanzini lost a lot of time after a bump with a Funyo. He finished 32 out of 40

Race 2 : Swerve of Sylvain with three others cars due to a poil of oil. He finished 32 out of 40

Race 3 :Good race of Sylvain, he was 38 on the starting grid and finished 22 out of 40.

SR5 :

The car was driven by Pierre Renom who was discovering the car. He achieved really good performances for a first try :

Races 1 and 2 : At each tim 9 out of 40. Very good results.

Race 3: Following to the bump in Radical European Masters, the car was hard to drive (vibrations). The pilot prefered to give up after several laps.

Click here to see the pictures (Radical European Masters and Vdev)