7th round of Vdev championship : 4000 km of Magny Cours

29 10 2007

Proto endurance :

Qualified result : due to an oil leak, we had to reduce the lenght of our relays to add oil (and do not break the engine) each time. The team finished 17th but they could have reached the top-10 without this problem. Let’s point out the English SR5 ranked : 6th ! They achieved a very good results despite the fact that a radiator failure immobilized the car during 15 laps. They could have been on the podium.


Proto sprint :

Last round of the championship took place in 3 parts :

  • In the first, Sylvain Guanzini finished 17th of 32.

  • In the second, Loïc Deman was fantastic in reaching 4th place among all the CN with a SR3 (C3 class).

  • In the last race , Loïc Deman, who had started at the back of the starting grid, bumped into an other car and was forced to retire in the third lap.

Last round in the endurance championship: 23-24-25 th November in Estoril where we will try to mimic the performance of our English friends by engaging our own SR5.